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BMW is well-known for its sporty and luxurious cars, but BMW’s not perfect by any means. Like many other automakers, it’s had its fair share of troubles, and some of those issues are more dangerous than others. Here’s a look at the most recent recall involving BMWs and their airbag issues

Almost 2,000 BMWs are affected

According to Car Complaints, BMW is recalling roughly 1,960 cars due to an issue with their head-thorax airbags. The German automaker is still investigating the cause of this issue, but as crash tests showed, these cars’ head-thorax airbags may not deploy properly during a crash. With that being said, according to Car Complaints, this issue with those airbags only seems to be happening when the vehicle gets involved in a side-impact crash. 

BMW first realized this issue, according to Car Complaints, in January 2021. However, Car Complaints wrote that the automaker thought that U.S. models weren’t affected because BMW thought that the issue had to do with how European head-thorax airbags were designed. But this issue occurred again in another side-impact crash test in March 2021, and so the company decided to play it safe and issue a recall.

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