Ford F-150 Lightning Successor Reportedly Being Considered

Just a few months ago, 2021 F-150’s chief engineer, Craig Schmatz, said in an interview the automaker has basically no plans to resurrect the F-150 Lightning. At the time, he declared the F-150 Raptor was the company’s top priority but now that the performance off-road truck is out, it’s probably time for Ford to rethink its strategy. And judging by a new report, this could actually happen.

MuscleCarsAndTrucks – the same site that did the interview with Schmatz in November last year – claims the Dearborn-based company is considering a new performance street truck as a modern successor to the F-150 Lightning. The report doesn’t provide a lot of information, though it seems that Ford could be thinking about a truck that’s fast on the road rather than off.

According to the publication, the new F-150 Lighting – or whatever it is going to be called if brought to production – could use a version of the automaker’s 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine. Depending on the application, the turbocharged engine can produce up to about 450 horsepower (335 kilowatts), which would be a great starting point for the new street F-150.

The report also says – and this might be just an assumption rather than leaked internal information – the fast pickup could get a revised suspension and large, low-profile tires. This makes sense, of course, though we could also add that upgraded brakes, steering tweaks, and several visual enhancements could also be in the cards.

But, again, we advise you to take all the information with a healthy dose of salt and don’t get too excited just yet. Of course, seeing first reports about a potential F-150 Lightning replacement is a good sign, though this could be just speculation and for now, we’ll stay on the skeptical side. Let’s hope we will learn more soon, so stay tuned.

Ford F-150 Lightning Successor Reportedly Being Considered

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