Honda Now Sells an Electric Scooter and it Looks Strangely Familiar | MotorBiscuit

If you ever thought about purchasing a new Honda vehicle, what kind of accessories would you buy with it? Some all-weather floormats, or perhaps a tent? What about an electric scooter? That’s right, Honda now sells an electric scooter as an accessory. It’s called the Honda eSYMO and you can’t get it here in the U.S. And technically, it’s not even made by Honda.

What’s so special about Honda’s electric scooter?

Honda eSYMO Electric Scooter |

This particular scooter is special because it has Honda stickers on it and that’s about it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have VTEC or a turbocharger or any other special features like a HondaVac. Instead, this electric scooter is similar to most other e-scooters on the market because, technically, it is just like the rest.

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