How the Electric Ford F-150 Lightning Compares to the GMC Hummer EV

And as the Dearborn automaker’s second attempt at an electric icon, the F-150 Lightning has some of the typical growing pains; relatively short range and a curb weight that’s doubltlessly nearing or above 6,000 pounds, to name a few. The price is impressive, though, and the gas-powered F-150 is the best selling vehicle in the country, period. Even convincing a small quantity of potential F-150 buyers to purchase the electric model could mean a large number of units sold. 

The electric F-150 also has a slew of options and trims above the base model, so the margin is there. You can spec one up all the way to $90,000 and people like expensive trucks—that’s a fact. The take rate for higher-trimmed Lightnings is yet to be seen, of course, although Ford describes the base model electric truck as just that: a very basic version of the vehicle. It’s unlikely regular truck consumers will be pleased with a short electric range and limited amenities so they’ll splash for the luxuries that usually come with high-trimmed F-Series pickups.

The real head-to-head test between the two automakers will come when Chevy unveils its electric Silverado. It’s claimed to have a 400+ mile range, which while likely boosting the price, would also make it more appealing. Consider also that, while the cost may be higher, that difference in monthly payment might not be too extreme if financed. In the meantime, though, it’s interesting to watch various automaker’s approaches to riding the EV wave. 

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