Is Getting a Motorcycle Slipper Clutch Worth It? | MotorBiscuit

No bike modification will ever replace learning proper riding techniques. But that doesn’t mean tweaking your motorcycle is necessarily pointless. While some mods are more about style than substance, others can genuinely improve how your bike rides. And a common modification, especially for track aficionados, is a slipper clutch. But if your motorcycle doesn’t already have one, is it worth installing?

What’s the difference between a slipper clutch and a ‘normal’ motorcycle clutch?

Hinson BTL slipper clutch kit | Hinson

On the outside, a slipper clutch and a ‘conventional’ motorcycle clutch are essentially identical. The same goes for their internal components, too. Both clutches feature multiple alternating friction and steel plates, springs, an outer basket, an inner hub, and a pressure plate, Motorcyclist explains. And just like ‘normal’ clutches, a slipper clutch can be wet or dry.

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