Is It Legal to Use Your High Beams on the Highway? | MotorBiscuit

Although all drivers have been through driver’s education and taken the driving test to get their license, there are some aspects to car safety that aren’t always taught or made clear in the classes. Common questions about driving that arise even among seasoned drivers often have to do with high beams. Learn more about whether you can use high beams on the highway, situations where you shouldn’t use them, and whether using high beams can ever create unsafe situations. 

Using high beams on the highway

Car headlights in the dark | Altan Gocher/NurPhoto via Getty Images

High beams help illuminate the environment allowing you to see better while driving at night. High beams are great for allowing you to see which way the road curves up ahead, upcoming street signs, and even animals that may suddenly cross your path. For these reasons, some people think it’s good to drive with their high beams on at night. 

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