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Whether you’re adding a premium sound system to your car or just want a little more insulation, adding some sound deadening material can help quiet things down. However, adding more of this material can add a lot of weight and even get very expensive, depending on the car that you drive. Is adding sound deadening material to your car worth the money and effort?

What is sound deadening?

A car where sound deadening material was added to the door panel. |

Simply put, sound deadening is when a noise-quieting material is placed on the sheet metal or plastic panels in a car in order to reduce the transfer of sound energy into the vehicle, according to Best Car Audio. The sound deadening material itself usually either comes in sheets with an adhesive backing or it can be sprayed on. Most cars come from the factory with sound deadening material already applied, however, more sound deadening material is typically applied to various parts of the car with bare sheet metal including the inside of the door panels, the cabin floor, and the cargo/trunk area.

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