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The debate of mileage vs. age is one as old as the auto industry itself. There are benefits and costs to each, and this formula is the key to determining the answer to this hotly debated issue for used car buyers. In some instances, an older car with lower miles is a better choice. However, in others, a newer car with more miles is better. It depends entirely on what you, the consumer, need from your vehicle. With that in mind, let’s get into the cost-benefit formula.

The cost-benefit formula

A pre-owned Infiniti sedan | Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

This formula applies to any purchase of any vehicle, whether you realize it or not. Effectively, a vehicle is, at its core, a cost. This cost comes with benefits, and whether those benefits outweigh the cost determines the merit of your purchase. Now, we’ll break down the formula as it pertains to age vs. mileage. First, age. The years take a toll on cars, but only if they have been poorly maintained. This is why collector cars with a low odometer and good service history are so valuable.

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