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For some people, van life is more than just a hobby, and it is, like its name implies, a way of life. Just like any other lifestyle, there are many ways that someone can improve their van life, but money will always be a limiting factor. Here’s a look at how much van life will probably cost overall, and whether or not it’s worth it.

The actual van is going to be expensive

Just like buying any other car, not only is buying and converting a van expensive, but the actual costs can vary a lot. For instance, according to Fun Life Crisis, a van can cost about $20,000 to purchase, and converting that van into a van that’s suitable to live in may cost about $3,000. Wealthier folks will definitely be able to buy a more expensive van, and the cost for those can easily go past $100,000.

But, like Parked in Paradise wrote, there are always cheaper options available. For example, Parked in Paradise bought an old van from 1996 for $3,700, and then spent about $5,000 converting it. But again, just like with buying a car, there’s a lot of variability at play. Some people may be able to find even cheaper vans, and others may be able to spend less money converting their vans.

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