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While I haven’t said it here, I think one’s personal data is the most valuable thing about them. Companies pay for it, and they steal it. Remember all that TikTok nonsense? Now, the Washington Post has discovered that your Chevy Bolt knows a lot more about you than you might think. It’s scary stuff to be sure, but it’s a part of modern life that’s become inescapable. Or is it? Now, it’s time to find out.

Your Chevy Bolt knows more than you think

“Oh my gosh, how did it know we wanted to go here?!” | Chevrolet

Back in December of 2019, the Washington Post learned the hard way. Rather, reporter Geoffrey Fowler learned the hard way about how much data his 2017 Chevy Bolt collected. According to Fowler, his Bolt collected quite a lot of his data. Not only that, but the vehicle sent the data back to GM via its always-on internet connection. That data included everything from Fowler’s recent calls to his location (for GPS of course), and, weirdly, his driving habits. The vehicle recorded his acceleration and braking via the in-car computer.

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