Like a (Trail)Boss: 2022 Chevy Colorado Debuts New Off-Road Trail Boss Package | MotorBiscuit

In the competitive class of midsize pickup trucks, the Chevy Colorado has been a staple since its debut in 2003. Many truck enthusiasts prefer the look, feel, and functionality of midsize pickups versus small or full-size models, and the Colorado has filled that role in Chevy’s lineup well. The 2022 Chevy Colorado will come with more features than ever before, including an enticing off-roading package that’s sure to thrill. 

An overview of the 2022 Chevy Colorado

2022 Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss | General Motors

The 2022 Chevy Colorado will remain relatively unchanged from its 2021 iteration, aside from the exciting new trim offering, which we’ll cover more in-depth below. Still, the 2022 Colorado will continue to be a great choice for those wanting a dependable midsize truck with a high towing capacity and excellent powertrain options.

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