Malfunctioning Steering Leads to 2019 BMW X5 NHTSA Complaints | MotorBiscuit

One of the most basic functions of a vehicle is that the driver can steer it. If a vehicle steers itself in an unexpected way or makes the driver feel uncertain, then there can be safety concerns. The 2019 BMW X5 has had a few unsettling steering issues submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Here’s what we know about the issues.

The twitchy 2019 BMW X5 steering problem, which collects owner-submitted vehicle issues, has registered 14 complaints about steering problems in the 2019 BMW X5 that had been submitted to the NHTSA. The problems were serious enough to receive a 9.0 severity rating, otherwise designated as “really awful.” While the issues haven’t caused any crashes or injuries, they did start to appear at the very low average mileage of 2,115 miles.

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