Rick Ross Adds Louis Vuitton Seats to His Stunning Custom Hummer H1 | MotorBiscuit

Rick Ross has a massive car collection. The rapper, mogul, and auto enthusiast loves automobiles and strives to own as many as he can. He owns over 200 acres of land, so he has more than enough space to keep as many sports cars and SUV models as he likes nearby. Some vehicles are stock, while others are customized to the artist’s specific wants and needs. His custom Hummer H1 is one of the most lavish vehicles in his collection.

Rick Ross’ custom Hummer H1 is luxurious

The Hummer H1 | Jon G. Fuller/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Rick Ross does everything big. His custom Hummer H1 is no exception. Ross owns a Hummer H1 with an unconventional interior.

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