Tesla Driver Quoted $16,000 For a $700 Repair Proves a Need For Right to Repair | MotorBiscuit

Getting pretty much any car repaired at the dealership will wring a customer’s wallet dry. The model for most dealerships is such that they make thin margins on actually selling cars but make up for that in after-sales and repairs. Now, with Tesla doing direct-to-customer sales and Rivian following suit, Tesla still charges a hefty pile for basically any repair, like this guy who was quoted $16,000 to replace a battery pack that an independent shop did for $700. And here lies the reason for the fight for the right to repair without the losing warranty. 

A mechanic works on a car | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Are Tesla repairs expensive? 

According to The Drive, a Tesla model 3 leasee recently found out just how expensive Tesla Repairs can be, the hard way. The road ran over some road debris which damaged one of the battery packs. When he brought the limping Tesla to the service shop, Tesla quoted him 16 large to replace the damaged pack. 

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