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By the size and appearance, it is easy to see why many buyers would consider the 2021 Kia Soul a boxy-shaped sedan. In fact, if you walked past one, you might be tempted to call it a car, but in reality, it is actually a subcompact SUV. There might be more to the 2021 Kia Soul than meets the eye, and the fact that it is categorized as a subcompact SUV is only one thing you might be missing out on.

The 2021 Kia Soul is technically an SUV

The Kia Soul GT | ROBYN BECK, AFP, Getty Images

You probably haven’t given much thought to how the 2021 Kia Soul is categorized among other vehicles, but if you do a quick search to compare it to other vehicles, you may notice that it appears in the category of subcompact SUVs rather than sedans or hatchbacks. It’s on the compact size of SUVs will still offering more interior space and cargo capacity than your standard sedan, making it a happy medium for many buyers.

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