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Having a moon roof or sun roof in many cars is highly desirable, especially for drivers who love the feeling of a comfortable but don’t want to own one. It gives our vehicles a sense of spaciousness, but it isn’t always that convenient. With the sporty, sloping rooflines of many McLaren supercars, the roof itself is designed as a piece of glass that gives the cabin a roomy feeling, but it also lets in a lot of light that can’t be blocked out with the closing of a fabric screen door, like on some moon roofs. To resolve this issue, McLaren has used their expertise in technology to develop a feature that is truly magical and will leave any owner showing it off to anyone who gets into the car: an electrochromic glass roof.

How does the McLaren electrochromic glass roof work?

The McLaren GT | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

The electrochromic glass roof in the McLaren GT allows the driver or passenger to dim or brighten the entire glass roof with the press of a button — and it pretty much looks like a magic trick when it happens. This process is seemingly automatic, taking only a second to go from complete visibility to cool darkness. While it seems like magic, the electrochromic glass is actually a work of technological art, and the science behind it is fascinating. On the surface, it appears that the glass roof works with the simple press of a button located above the rearview mirror, but the science and technology in play are much more complicated.

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