The First-Ever Shelby Cobra Is Worn but Still Bites Wonderfully | MotorBiscuit

Before any automotive icon became a legend, it was just a car. As in, one singular car. And that includes something like the Shelby Cobra. Decades before it inspired numerous kit car builds, the Cobra was just one car: CSX2000. And that first car is still slithering strong today.  

CSX2000 is the original thing: the first Shelby Cobra

CSX2000, the first Shelby Cobra, in Shelby American’s headquarters | Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

After retiring from racing in 1961 due to heart problems, Carroll Shelby founded a racing school, Hagerty reports. But what he really wanted to do was build his own cars. And he decided to start with the formula his old ‘hybrid’ Allard J2 racer used—European chassis, big American engine.

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