The Passenger Seat Is Still the Most Dangerous In These Small Pickups | MotorBiscuit

It’s no surprise that the passenger seat in vehicles is often the most dangerous. For years safety organizations like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have been warning people that the passenger seat of vehicles is especially deadly. In response, car manufacturers have worked hard to enhance the safety of the passenger seat in vehicles, and these days it isn’t always the most dangerous place to be in a vehicle. Yet even with these safety improvements, the passenger seat in these pickup trucks is dangerous.

Ford Ranger | Ford

What makes the passenger seat dangerous in trucks?

A silver Toyota Tacoma parked outside with a skateboarder going by.

Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that frontal crashes are the most common type of crash to end in fatalities. Years ago things were even worse, but safety organizations have been setting standards for car manufacturers to meet, and it’s helped improve the safety of the front seats. 

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