This Vintage Mercedes RV Is the Coolest Overlanding Camper You’ve Ever Seen | MotorBiscuit

The overlanding camper and RV world has blown up. More people than ever are living vanlife and taking to trails and remote motoring adventures than ever before. However, the number of people living full-time in an RV or overlanding camper with their family is still minimal. Those who build an insanely cool vintage Mercedes camper truck and homeschool and raise their family as they travel across the world is likely only one family – at least that we know of. 

Akela the 1977 Mercedes camper van | Leander Nardin

True vanlife is not for the faint of heart

According to Expedition Portal, Akela World is made up of Leander, Maria, their son, Lennox, and, of course, Akela, a 1977 Mercedes-Benz LA 911 B. This family travels across the world together in this vintage Mercedes camper and documents their unique way of living for others to enjoy and be inspired by. 

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