US Army Says Humvee Replacement Rides Too Smooth: Should Be Rougher | MotorBiscuit

You would expect a military tactical vehicle to ride rough. Stripped bare with no creature comforts, it is what a military vehicle should be. But the Humvee replacement, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, rides like a Cadillac. That’s not good according to the Army majordomos who have determined that it rides too smooth. It’s too comfortable.

The Humvee replacement’s ride is too smooth

Hummer | Getty Images

“For leadership, the ride is so smooth it brings its own concerns,” 1st ABCT spokesman Maj. Pete Bogart told Task & Purpose. “My wife has a brand new Volkswagen Atlas, and it does so much for you that you often forget you’re hurtling down the highway in a several-thousand-pound vehicle. Leadership wants soldiers to remember that they’re in a tactical vehicle, not a Nissan Altima.”

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