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The absurdity of the recent changes in the auto market has struck once again. This time, Toyota Tundra owners stand to benefit. The global semiconductor shortage has pushed values in all different directions, creating waitlists for new models and rabid demand for just about anything else. The Tundra is a perfect example of this, per a study by iSeeCars. In light of this recent spike in values, you may want to wait to buy that Japanese pickup you’ve been eyeing; it could cost you an arm and a leg.

A spike in used Toyota Tundra values

2019 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

The average price of a vehicle, both new and used, has been on the rise for quite some time now. The cost of the average new car, truck or SUV is now well above $35,000. Recent auto market volatility pushes used values ever higher. Owners of popular models stand to benefit the most, especially owners of newer used models. The 2018-2020 model year range seems to see where most of the appreciation in values is concentrated.

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