Watch: Chucklehead Spins Then Crashes Brand New Ferrari 488 Pista | MotorBiscuit

A lot of these supercar drivers must have no experience at all with sudden acceleration. We say that because we continually post videos of these chuckleheads losing control and crashing their half-a-mil supercars. Like this one with an hours-old Ferrari 488 Pista. 

The driver had just picked his Ferrari 488 Pista up from the dealer

Yes, the driver had just picked this Ferrari up from the dealer when this happened. We understand that both the traction control and stability control were turned off. Obviously, this dude wanted to be a hero and thought he didn’t need those aids. 

This happened in the Netherlands. With 710 hp and as lightweight as it is, if you’re going to stab it you need some runway ahead of you and you need to stay into it. We suspect that drivers get spooked when the rear tires break loose and start to torque to one side and they back off. Or, they overcorrect. 

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