What are ‘Zoom Zombies’ and are They Causing More Car Crashes? | MotorBiscuit

Zoom calls have gone from a fun workplace shift to a daily annoyance for many of us. Our commutes went from a morning drive to walking from bed to the desk. As more of us become burnt out Zoom Zombies from hours spent staring at the screen instead of real people, experts say our brains are changing. After hours of Zoom calls, people are getting behind the wheel of their cars, and we see how burnout affects the way we drive. 

Damaged and destroyed vehicles are parked at the cordoned-off accident site in the residential street | Jonas Walzberg/picture alliance via Getty Images

Don’t Zoom Zombie and drive

Zoom is our “new normal” (whatever that means), and we have already become accustomed to this digital world we all wade through. We are aware of how annoyed we are with video calls and the filtered sound of once familiar voices but are we aware that we are slowly turning into Zoom Zombies? Are we losing our ability to concentrate? 

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