What Is the Purpose of an Oil Catch Can and Is it Illegal to Use One? | MotorBiscuit

Your car’s engine has a very intricate way of taking care of itself. For example, when oil blowby occurs, the engine is set up to recirculate the oil through the engine again, however, that can lead to power loss over time unless you install an oil catch can. But what is a catch can and is it illegal to install one in your car?

What is oil blow-by?

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In order to understand what an oil catch can is, you first need to know what oil blow-by is. In a typical four-stroke engine, there is an intake stroke, which lets the air-fuel mixture into the cylinder; the compression stroke, which compresses that air/fuel mixture; the power stroke, which is when the spark (from the plugs) ignites the mixture and forced the piston back into the cylinder; and the exhaust stroke, which is when the exhaust gas is pushed out of the cylinder.

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