Who Knew Tunisia Made These Odd IRIS Fiberglass Cars For $13,000? | MotorBiscuit

Check out this funky little fiberglass commuter. The Wallyscar IRIS is made in Tunisia where the country adds tariffs to vehicles made outside of the country. That’s where the IRIS comes into play. Since it is made domestically it carries a price tag of $13,000. That works especially well for the African country due to the poverty rates there. 

The mostly handbuilt IRIS is the perfect vehicle for Tunisia

2021 Wallyscar IRIS | Wallyscar

Tunisia is located at the very top of the African continent between Italy and Spain. If you live there you’re pretty much limited to used cars or nothing if you want or need a car. Even if you are living in middle-class bliss. So the mostly handbuilt IRIS is the perfect vehicle for its context. Even a New Toyota Corolla can cost more than $30,000 there.  

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