Woman Impregnated by a Cadillac in the Outrageous 2021 Cannes Palme D’or Winner ‘Titane’ | MotorBiscuit

The Cannes Film Festival, officially named Film de Cannes, is an annual film festival held in France. The festival started in 1946 for the recognition of artistic achievement in the film industry. It is a central location where film industry professionals worldwide can come together to exchange ideas, critique each other’s work, and present their work. 

Since the beginning, the festival has produced films that otherwise may have never been seen due to their controversial nature. This year’s winner is no exception. The film titled Titane is about a woman who has a sexual relationship with a Cadillac. As you can probably glean from the premise, this would be a hard sell at any other venue other than Cannes. However, Cannes has a reputation for taking in the unusual and injecting it into the mainstream. Let’s take a look at how this film won such high accolades at the festival.

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