Worlds Most Expensive Supercar Crash: $3.8 Million in Damage | MotorBiscuit

One wild day, a group of friends took off from Hiroshima, Japan, to adventure in different cars. Of these cars, eight were Ferraris, three were Mercedes-Benz, and a lone Lamborghini Diablo, a Nissan Skyline, and a pesky Toyota Prius. By the end of the trip, most vehicles ended up in one of the most expensive supercar crashes to date.

What kind of cars were involved in the $3.8 million supercar crash?

$3.8 million supercar crash including Ferrari and Lamborghini | Associated Press

According to Associated Press, the friends were out driving when one Ferrari driver tries to switch lanes. The Ferrari driver tried to overtake the Prius and hit the median while attempting to do so. The first Ferrari F430 Scuderia crashed and caused a chain reaction, taking most of the other cars. The group appeared to be driving in pairs simultaneously, with two cars alongside one another traveling down the roads.

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