YouTuber Drives Street-Legal Batmobile Tumbler From The Dark Knight | MotorBiscuit

One of the most iconic vehicles in media history, the Batmobile has had countless iterations over the years. Possibly now the most well-known, the Dark Knight movie trilogy featured the tumbler version. This one allowed the caped-crusader to escape on a motorcycle, roll down the road, and do plenty more combat-oriented things. What if you had the chance to drive a street-legal Batmobile tumbler?

Custom Batmobile Tumbler | TheStradman via YouTube

Recently, popular YouTuber TheStradman had the chance to take the street-legal replica for a spin on the roads of California. That’s not something you see every day. Californians might be more used to seeing expensive cars on the road than other areas, but we doubt most people have seen something like this roll up next to them at a red light.

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