16 App-Control Vibrators Every Long-Distance Couple Needs

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or simply want the freedom to spice things up with a partner, app-controlled vibrators are where it’s at.

While technically any toy can be a “long-distance” sex toy (just call up your partner and have them tell you what to do), literally handing over the controls can be extremely hot, extremely liberating, and 100 percent climax-inducing.

A few shopping notes before you add everything to your cart, though:

  1. Many app-friendly toys also come with a physical remote (or buttons) that can but used locally, so you don’t have to use an app if you’re out of Wi-Fi range.
  2. While some of these might be marketed as couples’ toys, rest assured, you can absolutely still use them alone. Because yes, you’re your own best lover, my friend.
    1. So whether you’re hunting for a couples’ specific toy or a toy that you can enjoy solo, here are a few of the best long-distance sex toys out there:

      1. Best Long-Distance Gift: ZOLA Rosalie Rabbit Vibrator

              There’s a lot to love about this vibrator: the dual, super quiet motors, the soft silicone, the app controls for LDR play, and the orgasmic-inducing design that’ll stimulate both internal and external spots. But the best feature is simply how giftable it is. The vibe comes in a baby blue, pink, and red, and all options are adorned with a 24 karat gold chain and handcrafted gold plated tip. It’s also packed in a stunning Rococo-inspired gift box that just begs to be purchased for someone else.

              2. Best Long Distance Warming Vibe: Svakom Emma Neo Wand

              Svakom Emma Neo Interactive App Controlled Warming Wand Vibrator



              This app-controlled, rechargeable toy isn’t your standard wand. Not only does it heat up so you can experience temperature play from a distance, but it also features removable bunny ears for amazing clit stimulation. Use the wand on various erogenous zones, then play around with the five different settings.

              3. Best Long Distance Sex Pack: Svakom BDSM Unlimited Pleasure Kit

              Svakom BDSM Unlimited Pleasure Kit



              The Phoenix Neo bullet vibe is one of the most fun app-controlled vibes out there since it can sync to music and voices, which means your partner’s dirty talk can literally make you orgasm. But what’s so great about this Pleasure Kit is it comes with the Phoenix Neo and a whole bunch of other BDSM accessories, like a feather tickler and blindfold.

              4. Prettiest Thruster: Zola King Vibrating Thruster

              King Vibrating Thruster Wine Red

              If you can’t be with your partner in person, you still want to make sure they feel as good as possible, which is why Zola’s King Vibrating Thruster is tops. As the name suggests, it’s an internal vibe that well, thrusts, which emulates partner intercourse… except with a frequency of up to 40 thrusts per second.

              5. Best Priced Interactive Toy: Esca 2

              The Esca 2 is a wearable internal vibrator that can be paired with Kiroo blowjob sleeves for an experience both long-distance partners can enjoy. The Lovelife app (available for both Android and iOS) enables you to play with a partner from anywhere in the world over the internet. You’ll also need to download Kiroo’s FeelConnect app to play with the blowjob sleeves. It’s also rechargeable and waterproof.

              Kiiroo Titan Masturbation Sleeve



              6. The Ultimate Long-Distance Toy: The Cowgirl

                  16 App-Control Vibrators Every Long-Distance Couple Needs


                  The Cowgirl



                  Yes, it’s expensive, but if you and your partner really want the ultimate long-distance sex toy experience, this is it. The Cowgirl is a rideable sex machine that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via an app. You can also pair with Kiroo’s FeelConnect app so your partner can also feel similar sensations in sync. The Cowgirl has six vibration patterns and is designed for folx up to 400 lbs. For solo play, there’s also a remote included that lets you take the reins alone.

                  7. Best Long Distance Panty Vibe: We-Vibe Moxie

                      Moxie by We-Vibe



                      The Moxie is a great panty vibe in general. While many panty vibes need to work with specific included undies, the Moxie has a magnetic attachment that lets you use it with any pair of undies for max versatility. It’s got super strong, rumbly, deep vibrations, and can be controlled from anywhere in the world using the WeVibe app or the included remote control. There are over ten modes, it’s rechargeable, and waterproof should you wanna wear it in the hot tub or something.

                      8. Best Couples’ Vibrator: The Original We-Vibe Design




                      The original We-Vibe couples’ vibrator looks like a clip and is meant to hug the front wall of your vagina for both internal and external stimulation during partnered penetrative sex. The designs have changed over the years, and there have been many new iterations at different price points : The Unite, Chorus, and Jive models are all shaped more or less the same. But the Chorus and Jive models are app-enabled, meaning they can be controlled via Wi-Fi from anywhere.

                      9. Best Long Distance Panty Vibrator: Desire Lovehoney

                      Panty Vibrator



                      The Lovehoney Desire Panty Vibe is app-enabled, so you can have a partner control it from elsewhere. There are eight patterns, each with 12 levels of intensity for a total of 96 different settings. This panty vibe is also small enough to tuck into your favorite pair of undies, and isn’t limited to just one set of underwear.

                      10. Best Long Distance Suction Toy: We-Vibe Melt




                      Get ready to see a LOT of We-Vibe toys on this list. While not all We-Vibe toys are app-controlled, their suction toy Melt is. This toy has one of the slimmest designs when it comes to suction toys, making it great for IRL partner sex as well. The app works over Wi-Fi so it’s controllable from anywhere in the world.

                      11. Coolest Long Distance Sex Toy: OhMiBod Fuse Rabbit

                      Fuse Rabbit



                      Want a traditional Rabbit vibrator that’s also controllable via OhMiBod’s app? You got it. Want a Rabbit vibrator that also works in tandem with your partner’s Kiiroo Onyx masturbator sleeve to feel like you’re both having sex with each other through your toys? Also possible. Pretty neat, huh?

                      Kiiroo Titan Masturbation Sleeve



                      12. Most Powerful Mini LDRToy: We-Vibe Wand

                      Cordless Wand Vibrator



                      Wand vibes are known for being super strong, but that also means they can be pretty big and clunky. That’s why we love this mini toy from Lovense. It’s only 5.5 inches long, which means you can discretely pack it in your bag when you finally get to visit your partner IRL. Since it’s USB rechargeable and app-controlled, it can be used pretty much anywhere (and you don’t have to stress about packing a whole bunch of batteries to keep the party going).

                      13. Best Long Distance Kegel Ball: We-Vibe Bloom

                      Vibrating Kegel/Ben Wa Balls Exercise Weights

                      man nuo


                      If you want a sexy way to tease or be teased, these soft silicone weighted balls also vibrate to make you hyper-aware of your PC muscles in a way you probs haven’t experienced before. Try wearing them while doing un-sexy things like dishes or cleaning, and have your partner take over the controls for an added twist. This multipack is ideal because it comes with four different ball weights so you can switch up the intensity.

                      14. Best Long Distance Cock Ring: We-Vibe Verge

                      Verge Vibrating Cock Ring



                      If you love cock rings but are sad you can’t experience them together IRL, the We-Vibe Verge is perfect for you. You can’t experience the vibrational goodness of the Verge while your long distance partner is wearing it, but they can, and that’s the fun of it. Ramp up the vibrations via the app and tease them with it and playing with their impending climax.

                      15. Best for Couples Who Love to Sext: BlueMotion Nex1

                      This wearable vibrator comes with a set of panties specifically made for it and a remote, but the most impressive feature is how it can be used via app anywhere in the world. Their app includes its own chatting and picture sending features with the vibrator controls right in the UI for easy access.

                      16. Best Long Distance Butt Plug: WeVibe Ditto

                      Ditto Rechargeable Butt Plug



                      The best thing about butt plugs? Everyone can enjoy them. This silicone plug has a nice flared base for easy removal, and while it has a remote, it can also be used with their app. Have your partner tease you with over ten functions or take it into the shower for waterproof play.

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