’911′ Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Did Eddie Die? Plus, Showrunner Teases Season 5 Details

The season finale of the hit Fox series 9-1-1 just aired and we have details on some of the big moments from the episode.

This post will contain spoilers from the episode, so make sure to stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happened!

In last week’s episode, Ryan Guzman‘s character Eddie was shot by a sniper and he was seen bleeding to death on the street. No one was able to rush to his aid because of the active shooter situation, which led fans to believe he might bleed out on the road.

So, what happened? Did Eddie actually die? Keep reading for spoilers and to find out what Tim Minear teased about the upcoming fifth season.

Click inside for the spoilers from the finale…

Thankfully, Eddie did NOT die and he was able to survive the situation. The sniper was also discovered in a moment that led to Athena (Angela Bassett) saving her husband Bobby (Peter Krause).

At the end of the episode, Eddie told Buck (Oliver Stark) that he named him the de facto guardian of his son Christopher in case anything were to happen to him. Buck also made his relationship with Taylor official.

In other news, Albert (John Harlan Kim) is officially a firefighter and Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) quit her job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher and told Chimney (Kenneth Choi) that she needs help.

While talking about the finale, showrunner Tim Minear explained why he couldn’t kill off Eddie. He told TVLine, “He’s too pretty to die, let’s be honest.”

When Tim was reminded that fans were certain Eddie was a goner, he said, “That’s what I wanted. I wanted the viewers to be in Buck’s head. I wanted them to be thinking what Buck is thinking.”

Tim also talked to TheWrap about Maddie’s journey and what will happen in season five.

“I thought that postpartum depression was important. It was something I didn’t want to ignore. It is a way, with somebody like [Jennifer Love Hewitt] who’s such an empathetic kind of performer, that she can really help put these kind of stories over for the audience in a way that doesn’t feel exploitative and it feels very relatable,” he said. “So it was a way for us to complicate their relationship. And we’re not just going to glance at it. We’re going to try address it in such a way that it’s going to complicate the show going forward at the beginning of Season 5. It’s not just going to go away, let’s put it that way.”

Oliver, who plays Buck, said, “I don’t know anything about Season 5. I don’t I don’t know where that’s headed. All I do know is that, from my point of view, Megan West, who plays Taylor is such a delight to work with. And I think beyond even just the Buck and Taylor relationship, I think for the dynamic of the show, having this reporter and giving us the kind of storytelling perspective of the media I think is a really good thing for the show. And it just expands that universe a little bit more. So I certainly hope to see her stick around.”

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