Awww Baby: Rumor Ashanti Is Swirlin’ Abroad Blew Up Twitter, But THIS May Be Her Actual Boyfriend

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Singer Ashanti caused quite a stir on Twitter last night after posing in a photo with a man on Instagram.

The singer, who is known to take exotic vacations, shared a picture with a mysterious caucasian man while visiting Cancun recently leaving fans to believe that they are dating. With a simple (or cryptic???) caption, “fun times,” Ashanti caused fans to be even more confused. Is this your boo?

What’s going on here, Ashanti?

Ashanti fans on Twitter had a meltdown over the photo after a rumor she’s swirling with the random man in the photo began to spread. Folks expressed both excitement and disappointment in the gossip about Ashanti and the guy, but we think they have NOTHING to worry about.

One fan pointed out what appears to be closer to the truth. The man seemingly works at the establishment Ashanti and her group were hosting for the evening.

I can’t get over Black Twitter having a meltdown + writing think pieces on dating b/c of Ashanti posting a picture w a white guy & RUNNING w/ the narrative that he’s her boyfriend. DUDE IS A MANAGER AT THE RESTAURANT IN CANCUN WHERE SHE TOOK THE PICS.

We actually beleive Ashanti WAS there with her boo and if you look closely at her Instagram you will see she also posted him up.

Earlier this month, Ashanti shared video from the same vacation on her Instaram feed featuring rapper Flo Rida. Rumors she and Flo Rida have been hooking up have been swirling around the internet fro a few years now. He’s even in Ashantu’s comments leaving heart emojis if you look at her instagram page.

Ashanti also post a group photo with Flor Rida in the backgroud. Although they haven’t confirmed their relationship to the public, it seems like both Ashanti and Flo are closer and closer to conforming themselves as a couple.

Who do YOU think Ashanti is actually dating here?

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