Black Twitter & Irish Twitter Cook Prince Philip After News Of Passing


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Black Twitter and Irish Twitter enacted an online bond on Friday (April 9) after the news that the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, has died at the age of 99. With the Royal Family being a known target of both groups for various reasons, the jokes and slander have been high in volume.

Before we begin, we’d like to state that death isn’t a laughing matter and there might be some who find the details of this story offensive or triggering. That said, it goes without saying that anti-British sentiment has been raging in Ireland among Irish Republicans, socialists, and nationalists who publicly railed against Queen Elizabeth II’s proposed visit in 2011 at the invitation of former president Mary McAleese.

In recent times, the saga of Prince Harry his wife Meghan Markle has revealed that the Royal Family allegedly harbored racist attitudes towards the Duchess of Sussex due to her being a Black woman. As the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, the sixth in line for the throne, stepped away from his royal duties due to the mistreatment his wife suffered both from the family and the vast media attention they attracted.

With the couple coming clean in a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey that detailed some of the more harrowing moments as members of the monarchy, it appeared apparent to many Black Americans that the Royal Family did not do much to protect the Duke and Duchess from the press and failed to consider that Prince Harry’s beloved mother, Princess Diana, died after trying to evade a rabid group of paparazzi attempting to get a candid photo.

As it stands, for both Black and Irish Twitter, it’s on sight for the Royal Family and the death of Prince Philip, especially after some linked his son, Prince Andrew, to the late Jeffrey Epstein. And before anyone gets it twisted, Black Twitter means ALL of Black Twitter and we don’t need to explain that any further.

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