#BlackInkCrew Ceaser Is STILL Dragging Alleged Shop Thief Walt, Sends Cold Hearted “Crackhead” Shade

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“Black Ink: New York” boss Ceasar Emanuel doesn’t care that his ex-friend and former Black Ink  employee Walter Miller is denying that he stole any money from him in the media — he is still dragging him on social media!

Ceaser and several of the people who manage his business are accusing Walt of taking around $5,000 from the store after hours. Well, last night Walter explained to Puma, a shop manager that he had fallen into debt over child support and he admited to “shorting the shop” by taking money froma tattoo client. From Walt’s plea, he seemingly though he was “borrowing” the cash.

Puma called Walt out however, for not leaving a note or asking beforehand, telling him what he did was unforgiveable.

“I did the dumb sh*t by trying to alter pricing on a tattoo and short the shop, I was expecting to cover it up before this came out.”

Puma called out Walter, swiftly.

“If you really, really needed it, you didn’t have to do that. You could’ve even said something,r ather than try to do it on the low. You could’ve even wrote it in a note.”

Yikes! After the scene aired, #BlackInk fans reacted. Some showed sympathy for Walt in his situation since we are in a pandemic right now and some sided with Ceaser. Overall, however the responses were soft in comparision to Ceaser’s reaction!

Ceaser responded by posting a clip, shading Walt as a “crackhead.”

Do YOU think Cease and Walt can resolve this issue?


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