Cancer SZN: 12 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Cancers

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We’re well into Cancer season, a very special time of year, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t spend some time highlighting what is certainly one of the more intriguing signs of the zodiac.

It’s no coincidence that many of the most beloved icons in entertainment history are cancers — we’re talking rising superstar Chloe Bailey (photographed above), Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, and more. They’re talented — obviously — but, if you ask us, what’s made so many people fall in love with them is their heart, their mesmerizing way of expressing themselves, and the way they love those they hold near and dear. Sometimes Cancers are ridiculed for being “too sensitive,” but anyone would be blessed to experience the true passion and generosity Cancers are known for.

When Cancers love you, they’re also known to be loyal, which a rare commodity these days. Like the famous names we’ve already mentioned, those that fall under this sign are ambitious, emotionally intelligent, and creative.

From Horoscope.com:

Cancer loves creating and needs some type of creative outlet, whether it’s painting, writing, or even just reading. Cancer also loves connecting to a higher power, and may find comfort in religion or spiritual practices. And even though Crabs can be intense, they also have a funny side with a wry sense of humor, and they’re adept at observing and mimicking people around them. Finally, Cancer is incredibly loyal, sometimes to a fault. Cancers will go to the ends of the earth and even against their own beliefs to help someone they love.

Shoutout to all the Cancers in our lives. We hope you’re having a wonderful start to your summer. More Cancers we love in the list below.

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