Chris Evans Almost Had a Cameo on ‘Rick & Morty’ Season 5!

The upcoming season five of Rick & Morty almost featured Chris Evans.

Producer Scott Marder spoke to Monsters and Critics (via ComicBook.com) about it didn’t happen though…

Click inside to see what he said…

In the interview, Scott opened up about knowing just how big of a fan Chris is of the series and there was talk in bringing him in for a cameo.

“We’ve danced around that. There was a character that was up for grabs for him this season, but I can’t remember who that ended up going to,” he shared.

Scott added that Chris is “definitely on our radar…” for future cameos though.

“I’m a big comic book nerd from back in the day, so like all the Marvel dudes are very much on my radar,” he shared.

As for casting the voice roles for the show, Scott opened up about how that happens, too.

“Most of them are [fans]. Sometimes we hear people are just fans. Other times, we’ve got a great casting department, and a lot of times they’re just on the ball and offering up the perfect people for those roles,” he says. “It’s normally pretty organic. Thankfully, this show is so huge that it’s normally pretty quick to get an answer from people… on stuff which makes our lives easier.”

Just a few weeks ago, Chris lent his support to gymnast Aly Raisman. Here’s why…

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