Everything You Need to Know About a Virgo Rising

So, you’re a Virgo Rising…or maybe you’re crushing on one, or your BFF is one. Unlike your Sun sign, which is determined by your birthday, your Rising sign is determined by the time you were born. To get specific, it’s determined by which zodiac sign was on the eastern horizon when you were born, and it changes every two-ish hours. You can be a Virgo Sun and Virgo Rising, Scorpio Sun and Virgo Rising, Aquarius Sun and Virgo Rising—you get the idea. If you don’t know your Rising sign, grab your birth time and head to a free birth chart calculator.

Virgo Risings are absolute sweethearts…once you’re able to get past their aloof demeanor. These elusive, inscrutable beings prioritize self-preservation and always maintain a sense of dignity. They understand that the world is judgmental because they are also judgmental. Mind you, judgment is not inherently bad, even if it strikes our insecurities.

Simply put, Virgo Risings are not for the weak. If you show a Virgo Rising a willingness to improve, then you will have a friend for life. But if you fall by the wayside and become stuck in some gross, mediocre swamp, they’ll cut you off.

Ruled by Mercury (just like Gemini), Virgo Risings are pretty fast thinkers. Unlike Gemini, they are quick on their feet because they have to be, not because they want to be. Gemini placements like to move through life swiftly, but Virgo is the opposite. As earth signs, they value stability and adapt because they have to. They dream and devise, keeping their plots hidden until it’s time to erupt. According to Terry Marlowe, author of Astrologically Incorrect, Virgos are most noted for their “purity.” There is a certain freshness to them, despite whether they are tidy or not.

The best way to approach a Virgo Rising is by meeting them at their level. If you can’t keep up from the start, you’ll probably fall by the wayside.

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The Virgo Rising Mindset

Virgo Risings work to preserve their relationships, health, and themselves, as well as those closest to them. They are used to the world aching and quaking around them. Life is rarely stagnant for a Virgo Rising—they’re a mutable sign, and they recognize that the world is in a constant state of change. For that reason, they tend to be guarded around others. They’re interested in maintaining the ground on which they stand.

Some Virgo Risings are motivated enough to upgrade themselves, and all of them are interested in maintaining a state of peace. They prioritize feeling secure and won’t risk being unprepared. They’ll buy products in advance, and they work hard to take care of their health. At their highest vibration, they connect with others through acts of giving.

Virgo Rising at Work

Virgo Risings typically feel as though work is a never-ending innovation. From Day One, they work tirelessly towards success. Over time, they might step into a manager role. They enjoy serving others, so they’re not unwilling to commit to long hours if they feel it’s worth it.

They truly thrive when they are able to have breakthrough moments. When the light at the end of the tunnel finally appears, they have no problem putting the pedal to the metal and accelerating their pace.

Contrary to their serious and sometimes unapproachable demeanor, Virgo Risings thrive when working within their community. They want to feel motivated, and being able to connect with others reminds them to keep going! If you have a Virgo Rising coworker, it helps to be patient and show your willingness to pick up the slack.

Virgo Rising’s Relationships

When building a relationship with a Virgo Rising, you’ll find that they are surprisingly pleasant, even if they are intimidating. Yes, they can be pretty standoffish, but that’s only because they’re it takes time for them to figure out how they should best communicate around different people—they’re ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, after all. But after they get to know you better, they’ll start sharing more intimate and magical sides of their personality.

Those closest to them know that Virgo Risings are dreamy and imaginative, willing to grow and expand in their ideology. When a Virgo Rising cares about you, they are extremely understanding, no matter what happens, and take creative approaches to being there for you.

Virgo Rising in Love

Virgo Risings love to be in love, even if they refuse to admit it. They may be a bit awkward and inexperienced, meaning they can struggle to fully express their heart’s desire. Be patient with them—with time, it does get easier for them to open up.

The key to loving a Virgo Rising is learning to pick up on their nonverbal language. Take notice when they start to express signs of nervousness. Their behaviors reflect their thoughts, and their thoughts often stay hidden. In fact, Virgo Risings are inclined to keep their thoughts to themselves until they are fully formed. You may never learn to read their mind, but you’ll be able to notice when something is wrong. Eventually, when you build a deep enough bond, you’ll be able to help them understand their own feelings. Be mindful of the way that you present yourself—they take notice of the details.

Virgo Rising at Home

Virgo Risings are extremely worldly, even if their home is their world. Not all Virgo Risings have had the ability to travel, but that doesn’t stop them from continuously seeking to understand external perspectives and ideas. Their homes are filled with books, magazines, and educational resources that reflect their personhood and share details about their personality.

They also enjoy having resources available to them. If there’s ever a point where something goes “wrong,” a Virgo Rising wants access to answers. Don’t be surprised if you find a medical book in their corner and a well-stocked first aid kit in the bathroom cabinet. They are very health-oriented, which means they can appreciate books that help them find their inner zen. If you’re ever bringing a Virgo Rising a housewarming gift, aim for a candle that provides therapeutic value.

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