Everything You Need to Know About Michael Allio, the Sweet Single Dad on ‘Bachelorette’

While I am still not over the fact that ABC had a man show up on Katie Thurston‘s season dressed as a literal feline in what appears to be some sort of alarming The Bachelorette x The Masked Singer x Cats crossover (hi Connor B, obsessed with you forever), this season is actually shaping up to be pretty fun. Mostly because Katie is chill, Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe are a dream hosting team, and New Mexico is STUNNING. On top of all that, there are a bunch of nice guys who appear to be here for the ~RIGHT REASONS~, including Michael Allio. Time to get to know Michael better, and FYI…there are spoilers about how far he makes it *and* whether or not he ends up engaged to Katie below.

Michael Is a Single Dad Who’s Super Devoted to His Son

Yeah, Michael wants to find a partner (and on reality TV, no less), but his main focus is on his adorbs little son. As ABC notes in our dude’s bio, “Michael is a single dad whose world revolves around his amazing four-year-old son, James. When it comes to dating, the two of them are a packaged deal, and Michael wouldn’t have it any other way. Michael lives a life that is incredibly fulfilling and says he is more than ready to find someone to share it with.”

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Sadly, Michael’s wife passed away several years ago, and he founded clothing company L4 (Live Life Like Laura) Project in her honor, which “donates 100% of its profits to nonprofit organizations that address these needs and enrich the lives of individuals and families fighting cancer.”

He Got the Blessing of His Late Wife’s Parents to Go on ‘The Bachelorette’

Speaking to the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Michael said he turned down the casting opportunity TWICE before deciding to find love on TV—and not before he got the blessing of his late wife’s parents. “My decision to, you know, begin this journey is not just mine. So there’s a lot of people who are affected with it in my world. People that I really love and cherish,” he said. “I did say that before I decided to go on the show, I wouldn’t go on unless my in-laws have given me full approval. Basically, like, this is my out to do something that may make me feel uncomfortable but they were supportive, too.”

He added that “They understand that we’ve all been through some very crazy moments together. They know how much, you know, I supported them [and] loved their daughter, and everything. They’re amazing because they wanted to see me, you know, find happiness again and I think everybody needs somebody to help them navigate life.”

This is so sweet.

Michael’s Dream Woman Is Witty and Stands Up Against Ignorance

No wonder he wanted to compete on Katie’s season! More on what he’s looking for right here…in case you’re respectfully curious:

“His dream woman is compassionate, empathetic, resilient and not easily offended. A witty woman with a funny bone and a self-deprecating sense of humor is a huge turn-on for Michael, and he loves when a woman has strong convictions and stands up against ignorance. Michael says that life is short and that he’s ready to find a woman who makes him a better person every day that they are together. He is serious about finding love on this journey, so, Michael, let the journey begin!”

Clearly Michael is into ~JOKES~ because he showed up on Katie’s season and presented her with a watch that he claimed was a family heirloom before being all “I’m just kidding with you. I’m not a creep. I got that at the airport.” He then profoundly mused, “Time’s precious. Be happy. Spend it with the people you want to be with. Hopefully, we get some time to talk about it.”

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Other things we know about Michael thanks to ABC:

  • He makes a mean plate of Dino Nuggies.
  • He prefers the mountains over the beach any day of the week (so…guess we won’t see him on Paradise next season?)
  • He loves ’90s R&B and rap music.

    He Lives in Akron, Ohio

    According to the Akron Beacon Journal, who appears to be very pumped about having an Ohio local on the show, Michael hails from Akron and is the founder and managing partner of Allstera, which sells PPE. Important, duh, but kinda zzzz, so let’s get to the good stuff:

    Hi, okay, so according to Reality Steve, “Michael lasts long this season,” and his exit has something to do with his son. As Steve says, “I don’t know any of the exact details regarding his departure, I just know either Katie sends him home to be with his son or he wants to leave because of it. I believe he makes it to the episode before hometowns.”

    In other words he doesn’t win (here’s who does) but he and Katie do form a connection. Gots it!

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