Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Week Is Here

What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in fiery Aries, putting you in the mood for action. On Saturday, Mars squares off with Uranus, amping up your libido and making you feel hyperactive and downright reckless. You’re tired of your regular-degular routine and you’re desperate to do whatever it takes to shake things up—which can be fun, but it can also make you more prone to infidelity or disrespecting others’ boundaries.

On Monday, the Sun gently connects with Uranus, providing another day of surprises—the pleasant kind this time! Mercury and Neptune square off on Tuesday, creating a hazy, unclear, brain fog, which is made even more stressful thanks to Venus opposite Saturn. Finally, on Thursday, Venus squares off with Uranus, so big changes—potential major upgrades or total meltdowns—are defs coming to your love life!

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What that means for you:


Even though Cancer season’s vibes tend to turn you like a total couch potato, this weekend, you’re feeling horny as hell! If hookups are your thing, this weekend’s perfect, but if you’re looking for anything even remotely serious, you’re SOL. That’s especially true with all the Venus/Saturn drama happening on Tuesday—it’s a huge red flag for getting rejected, so if you’re thinking about shooting your shot, hold off.


Life at home is getting chaotic this weekend, so you’re looking for anything (or anyone 😏) you can do that’ll get you out of the house! Slide into your crush’s DMs on Monday, because the Sun/Uranus connection is giving you the confidence to shoot your shot! Tuesday’s romantic vibe has amazing first date potential, but Neptune’s influence makes it tricky if you’re hooking up—catching feelings for your fling is basically guaranteed!


Watch your mouth this week, Gemini. You’re feeling especially rash right now, and fights between you and your boo can break out over basically anything. There’s something you want from your relationship, and when you don’t get it, you pitch a fit—so why not start a conversation about it before going into a full meltdown? If you’re single, you’re not off the hook! In fact, you might end up falling hard for someone new. Ask ’em out, but if you get rejected, don’t let it ruin your week!


You’re feeling uncharacteristically extroverted this week! Hit up your crush, or surprise your boo with a new position/sex toy/kink. You might run into a speed bump in bed—like, maybe someone’ll slip, or that new kink turns out to be more awkward than hot. Don’t let one little oopsie ruin the experience—just laugh it off and try something different. It’s fine!


Cancer season’s moody vibes are not getting you down this weekend! The love planets—Venus (romance) and Mars (sex)—are both in your sign, so you’re a total babe magnet. You’re loving all the attention you’re getting, but make sure you don’t fall into your habit of playing games. If one of your potential paramours thinks that you’re being slick, Tuesday’s astro-weather all but guarantees that they’ll call you out!


This weekend’s really putting you in ~the mood~, but don’t expect much action, Virgo. In fact, people from the past are coming back around (either because they want to reconnect or because they’re talking shit behind the scenes), and now’s the time to deal with them. Sure, a quickie sounds tempting, but unless you’re interested in keeping them in your life for a while, you should pass!


Mixed signals incoming! This weekend’s vibe is perf for spending time with someone special—in or out of bed. You’re feeling strong chemistry with them, and you’re confident that they’re just as interested as you are but then…they go radio silent around Tuesday. You have a bad habit about getting caught up on all of the “what ifs,” but don’t stress out. They’re just busy! Don’t be afraid to double text or just wait it out.


If your relationship status is in need of a change, this is your weekend to get ‘er done, Scorpio! This week’s astro-weather suggests that there are changes coming to your love life, so it’s important that you’re the one initiating these changes. Are you ready to DTR? Fine, go ahead and start The Talk! Have you been dying to ask out your crush? Shoot your shot! Maybe it’s time to break up—now’s your golden opportunity to end things on good terms. You know what you have to do!

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Work’s been whooping your ass lately, but you’re finally getting a break! Tonight, the fiery Aries Moon is amping up your sex drive, so grab your boo or fave sex toy and head to bed! There’s a little drama coming up this week, though. Tuesday’s got a nasty mix of astro-weather that makes miscommunications, misunderstandings, and even arguments a tremendous issue—sort of like a one day-long Mercury Retrograde, eek! If there’s an issue, take a breath, think about what you want to say, and then react. A little mindfulness goes a long way this week, Sagittarius.


Life in the bedroom is blazing hot this weekend, Capricorn! The sexiest, steamiest zones of your chart are getting lit TF up by all this astro-weather, making it easy to get your flirt on. Sex simply feels great right now, but you risk becoming a lil bit reckless. Remember that safe sex = good sex, and don’t head over to your first Tinder match’s house without checking them out first! Have fun this week bb, but make sure you’re being responsible.


It is time 👏 to 👏 move 👏 on 👏! Whether it’s an ex-flame from long ago or a more recent heartbreak, there’s baggage you gotta unpack this week. Your partner is saying or doing something that might remind you of what a shitty ex did to you—or maybe your shitty ex is popping back into your life! Instead of blowing up on them (your first reaction), take a breath, and calmly talk things out (or just block ’em). It’s an emotional week, Aquarius, but you’ve got this!


Bad news: Life at work is a lil hectic right now. The good news is that Cancer season’s vibes are here to help you give your love life a major glow up whenever you’re not clocked in! Monday’s an amazing day for your love life. Uranus, the planet of surprises, is activating your chart’s communications zone, and the zone of romance, sex, and fun. Let me spell it out for you—someone cute is sending you a surprise message soon! Check your dating apps and open your DMs, because your next potential boo might be waiting for a reply.

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