Lock Her Up: Privileged Pistol-Packin’ White Woman Licks Shots From Her BMW In Los Angeles Traffic, “Somebody Wanna Die?!” [Video]

WTF has gotten into Karen?!

Everybody is losing their cotdamn minds these days! For as much as the die-hard Second Amendment crowd hates “anti-gun” legislation, there are clearly some folks in America who have no business walking around with a firearm. A video that was recently published by TMZ shows a Los Angeles woman loading her revolver and pointing the weapon indiscriminately at passing cars. As she sits inside her luxury BMW and shouts shenanigans at a nearby crowd.

Reports state that she was somehow held up at a stop sign and lost her motherf***in’ mind in the middle of rush hour traffic. On the corner of Fairfax and Olympic, this broad sat loading her gun and mumbling about God-knows-what. After asking, “Anybody wanna die now? Anybody???” the woman opened fire…on her own sunroof! The whole thing was caught on video that you can watch below.

It’s a miracle that she didn’t hit anyone with this dumb s#!t. At some point, local law enforcement was able to catch up with the unnamed suburban terrorist and arrest her for felony negligent discharge of a firearm. They say she fired five shots. She better not get off with probation. This lady needs to make orange her new black for a LEAST a year. What she did was no joke and it could have ended very, very badly.

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