Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler Open About How They Coped With Stress While on ‘Dance Moms’

If you watched reality television during the 2010s then you clearly know that Dance Moms reigned supreme. You also know that when Abby Lee Miller‘s girls weren’t dancing, they were stressed and under extreme scrutiny from their coach. Most of the show’s alumni have talked about how much they endured under Abby, but Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler are formally going on the record about what it was really like being on Dance Moms at such a young age in an interview with Elite Daily.

Speaking about a time she felt lucky to have Maddie in her life, Kenzie said, “When I was younger, I was going through a lot of hate, so I’m glad that I had you. Our teacher, the environment we were in — it was all very stressful as a kid. I’m glad we were doing the same thing so I could have a shoulder to lean on.”

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Maddie replied, and said, “I feel the same way, even though we fought a lot. And what’s funny is that even though I’m older, most of the time you were the one sticking up for me. We’re so different in the sense that I’m a people-pleaser. I’m super scared to voice my opinion, or at least I used to be. I didn’t want to start any drama. I didn’t want to get in the way. You, on the other hand, speak your opinion. Whenever something’s not right, you’re like, “I’m not going to let this slide.” I admire that about you so much.”

Maddie and Kenzie are in their own respective lanes rn—Maddie with dancing still, and Kenzie taking up singing— but is so great to see the girls excelling in a happy and healthy way!

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