No Joke: These Actors Are Secretly Also Wildly Talented Musicians

We love a multi-talented celebrity who can dance, sing, act, and wear sky-high heels without falling (yes, I’m currently talking about Lady Gaga), but there are some truly random actors lurking out there who you’ve completely forgotten had singing careers. Probably because in some cases, said singing careers were slightly short due to their hard pivot back to acting!

Like, did you that Ricky Gervais was part of a British New Wave group? Have you fallen so in love with Zoë Kravitz, the actor, that you’ve completely forgotten about Zoë Kravitz, the singer? Were you woefully unaware that Addison Rae, the TikTok and He’s All That star, also happens to be Addison Rae, the singer of critically-unacclaimed single “Obsessed?”

And then there are the actors who have been singing since the dawn of time (aka the 1980s) without any of us noticing. Definitely talking about Russell Crowe in this case, or as he used to call himself back in the day “Russ le Roq.” Annnnnnyway, we’re taking a look back at 45 actors who are (or, erm, maybe more accurately were) also into making music on the side. Some sneak peeks at whomst you’re about to be mind-blown over? Leighton Meester, Ryan Gosling, Bruce Willis, Naomi Campbell, Robert Pattinson, and Lucy Hale. IKR?

Click through for some true shocks, and in the meantime, lemme just go ahead and ask Alexa to play “Jam (Turn It Up)” by the artist known as Kim Kardashian.

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