Rege-Jean Page Opens Up About His Close Friendship with Sterling K. Brown

Rege-Jean Page has a good friend in Sterling K. Brown!

In a new interview, the 31-year-old former Bridgerton actor talked about his relationship with the 45-year-old This Is Us actor, and it all started with Rege-Jean fangirling over Sterling.

“My brain just turned off,” Rege-Jean shared with Variety of the first time he met Sterling at a party back in 2016.

Rege-Jean recalled stumbling over his words when he was talking to Sterling, before blurting out “I just want to be you.”

“And Sterling just smiled patiently and let me do that and then talked me through how not to be overwhelmed by this room,” Rege-Jean shared. “He reassured me and said, ‘You’ve got stuff ahead of you. You can breathe.’”

Since their first meeting, the two have become close friends, with Rege-Jean saying that Sterling “talked me through a couple of things that scared me.”

“He wasn’t somebody who’s like, ‘Give me a couple of years and I’ll be making $10 million a flick.’ He really loves the art of illuminating the human condition,” Sterling said of Rege-Jean in the article. “If stardom comes — and stardom is clearly approaching — I don’t think he was ever actively seeking it; it just kind of happened.”

Also in the interview, Rege-Jean Page talked about rumors of him taking over this iconic movie role!

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