The Scammers Vs. The Plastics: The Clermont Twins Call Out “Fake Fashion B*tches” AKA The City Girls For ‘Copying’ Them

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Someone great once said “no idea is original, there’s nothing new under the sun,” and even that qute was a copy…but clearly Shannon Clermont is not trying to hear any of that BS!

The upset (and messy) half of the famous Clermont Twins wanted air out the beef she had with The City Girls while feeding her audience a shady show of subliminal disses and that’s exactly what she got. The issues seemingly started after Shannon peeped a familiar pose in the City Girls’ latest photoshoot they shared on social media yesterday.

It’s unclear what the rappers have coming but in the clips, the poses that they shared from the shoot seemed very similar to the “stacked” model pose the twins have used and going viral for.

That’s when Shannon started to talk her talk on Twitter! She tweeted:

“[Were] they like can you recreate this pose the Clermont twins did?

The tweet didn’t go over people’s heads, getting reactions right away including a response from Yung Miami, one-half of the City Girls duo. She replied back:

“It wasn’t on our mood board but I DID tell JT let’s try the post I thought it was cute! What’s the problem?”

The rapper added that she loves the Clermont twins and supports them.

“Nobody discrediting y’all I’m not with the shady sh*t let’s not go there!” Shannon was about that life and replied, “Its love over here too but Lol let’s not go there? Cause what?” Yung Maimi said, “You let me know I addressed the room it’s whatever. I’m Mad cause I like them fr!”



Meanwhile, JT took a less humble approach in her reaction to Shannon’s claim after Shannon tweeted that she’s “tired of these fake fashion b*tches.” JT clapped back,

“These magazines & brands not! Y’all be scared to see other women grow & learn. It’s enough clothes for everybody! Talking about fake fashion b*tch you no Naomi [Campbell] I see your ass on holiday flyers like everybody else! So lazy of you to be tired about a POSE!!!!”


Are YOU surprised at these ladies beefing over a pose?


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