Two Big Shocking Moments Happened On The 'NCIS' Season 18 Finale – Here's How Fans Reacted

NCIS just wrapped up its season 18 finale and fans were shocked at the ending!

After season long rumors and theories of Mark Harmon possibly leaving the series, many fans thought that Emily Wickersham might be leaving as well.

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This was the episode’s logline: While pursuing a dangerous arms dealer, the team is shocked when Bishop is implicated in an old NSA leak. Also, Gibbs and Marcie (Pam Dawber) realize that the killer they’ve been tracking may be onto them.

In the final moments of the episode, it was revealed that Ellie leaked the NSA intel on her own and didn’t regret it. In her admission, she also made the decision to leave NCIS.

That’s when Nick (Wilmer Valderrama) realized what she was doing and gearing up to go undercover on an undisclosed assignment. While the two possibly could have had a romantic relationship, Ellie admitted she’d be gone “too long” for them to start something now.

Ellie and Nick did share a kiss before she left.

It remains unclear if Emily is actually leaving the show at this time though.

Meanwhile, the biggest shock happened with Mark Harmon‘s Gibbs.

After getting his new boat out of the basement (possibly by magic), he went boating on a lake and looked to be in happy spirits. However, fans were taken back when the boat exploded!

It looked like the explosion killed him as well as he floated on top of the water, but in the final seconds of the finale, he was seen swimming away.

Check out all the fan tweets about the finale below:

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