We’ve Got ‘Em: The Very Best Vibrators You Can Buy on Amazon

Whether you’re shopping for new bedsheets, an air fryer you don’t really need, or an upgraded mattress, Amazon is likely your go-to retailer for pretty much everything.

But if you aren’t also adding “sex toys” to your list-of-things to buy on Amazon, consider this your sign to start. Even if it’s not something you had ever considered before, trust me, the company’s totally got you covered in the pleasure category.

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As for some good news, we’ve already done all the hard work and curated a list of the best vibrators we could find on Amazon, based on the user and editor reviews. It’s clear these buzzing dildos have been tested by hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers, so you know they’re something special.

From dildos to suction toys to luxury vibes, here’s the best of what Amazon has to offer when you want to do some sexy shopping from the comfort of your couch:

1. ZALO Hero Clitoral Massager

ZALO Hero Clitoral Massager – Wine Red

Luxury vibes aren’t normally sold on Amazon, which is why I’m low-key floored to see it listed. The beloved clitoral massager is water-resistant with four different pulse and vibration modes, and the swinging tip expertly simulates oral sex (at a frequency of 75 times per second).

2. Emojibator Eggplant Personal Massager

Emojibator Eggplant Personal Massager



Sometimes you want a beautiful, luxe toy that makes you feel like a goddess, and other times you just want something funny that’ll get the job done. Whether you buy it as a bachelorette gift or just to lighten the mood in the bedroom, this battery-operated vibe is the move. While it has 10 different vibration patterns and is 100 percent waterproof, it’s honestly the novelty emoji shape that makes it a winner.

3. Rose Clitoral Sucking Dildo Rabbit Vibrator

Rose Clitoral Sucking Dildo Vibrator

If an eggplant emoji vibe is a little too on the nose for you, a rose dildo might be more your speed…literally. The multi-use toy has a suction end for your clitoris, nipples, and other erogenous areas, while the insertable end vibrates for internal stimulation.

4. Original Magic Wand

Authentic Cordless Rechargeable Magic Wand Vibrator

Say hello to the wand that started it all: the Hitachi. Made of vinyl and hard plastic, this bad boi has been a best seller for more than 30 years. The original one was corded, so you were a lil limited on how and where you could masturbate, but the newer version is rechargeable so you don’t have to masturbate near an outlet. It’s just about a foot long and has multiple vibration settings that can actually be used all over your body.

5. The Original Magic Wand with Free Wand Essentials Travel Massager

The Original Magic Wand with Free Wand Essentials Travel Massager

Wand Essentials

You already know a Magic Wand is a sex-drawer staple, and while this wand isn’t as high quality as the previous one, it does come with the most adorable mini wand ever. The lil added bb is embellished with rhinestones and can easily be tucked in any bag or purse so you don’t have to lug your giant wand with you if you want some pleasure on the road.

6. Vibrating Kegel/Ben Wa Balls

Vibrating Kegel/Ben Wa Balls Exercise Weights

man nuo


So, Ben Wa balls are part workout/part pleasure-inducing, which makes them a v fun addition to your collection. This multipack is ideal because it not only comes with four different ball weights, but they also vibrate which will make you feel like you’re straight outta Fifty Shades. Whether you use them to tighten your pelvic floor or just get off, they’re a unique addition to your routine.

7. ZALO Temptation Pre-Heating Bullet Thruster

ZALO Temptation Pre-Heating Bullet Thruster Fairy Pink

The Zalo Temptation toy is honestly so cute, gorgeous, and compact, I’d buy it on aesthetics alone. If you’re less vain than I, it’s important to know it also has six different thrusting modes and a pre-heating function that will definitely do the trick. The quiet motor makes it discrete enough to use whenever, and the silky silicone smooth coating—which also comes in purple—is soft and body-safe.

8. LELO Smart Wand 2 Large

Enthusiastic reviewers say the LELO Smart Wand is worth every penny, and they are 1,000 percent right. Scientifically designed for peak performance, this large toy has a slightly curved handle, which means no hand cramp. It’s also waterproof, rechargeable, cordless, and it can be on standby for 90 days so it’s ready whenever you are for the next three months.

9. Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

G-spot Realistic Dildo Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator



At under $30, this thrusting rabbit vibrator is waterproof, has five different thrusting options, nine different vibration modes, and is perfectly sized for beginners (not too small, but not too big). The thrusting functionality makes this toy super powerful and multiple reviewers say it’s the best Rabbit vibe they’ve ever had, which is saying something considering the low price. It also comes in discrete packaging, so you don’t have to worry about your nosy neighbors knowing what you’re getting into (or what’s getting into you).

10. Precision Angled Bullet Vibrator Tip

      Bullet Vibrator with Angled Tip

      Secret Lover


      With ten vibration modes, this rechargeable and waterproof bullet vibrator will be the best $13 you spend. The angled design of this lipstick-size toy means you can have more precision, using just the tippy-tip for direct, super-intense clitoral stimulation, or teasing with the broad angled side of the toy. It’s made of ABS plastic, which means that the vibrations won’t be dampened by silicone, which tends to absorb some vibration power. It’s got 4.4 stars over almost 3,000 reviews, which y’know, also helps sell it. But seriously, at $13 for a rechargeable vibe, you really can’t go wrong.

      11. Adorime Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

      Adorime Store Rechargeable Clit Stimulator

      Adorime Store


      This rose-shaped vibrator already gets points from us for being a departure from the stereotypical, phallic shaped vibrator design here. This toy uses strong suction power to simulate the feeling of oral sex, is rechargeable, waterproof, and has seven modes. Made of soft, body-friendly silicone, it’s also a breeze to clean. It also boasts a 4.6 star rating over 3,282 reviews, so you know it’s good.

      12. Bombex Clitoral Sucking Vibe

          Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

          While many suction sex toys don’t actually vibrate, this one also has vibration capabilities for double the versatility. There are ten modes and it’s rechargeable and also waterproof. Two hours of charging time via any USB device will get you an hour of play. Review-wise, this toy has a 4.3 star rating over 3,200 reviews. It also comes in pink or purple.

          13. Lulu Personal Wand Massager

          LuLu Upgraded Personal Wand Massager

          This massager has more than 12,000 reviews and more than 4.5 stars. Most likely because it includes 5 speeds, 20 patterns, and a memory feature that lets you save the massager on your favorite settings.

          14. Pelepas Panty Vibe

              Wearable Panty Vibrator with Remote Control

              This panty vibe is not only affordable but from the 4.0 star reviews from almost 3,000 customers, it also delivers. The slim design means you can tuck it into any panty of your choosing (although those looking for more traditional panty vibes may want to look into underwear vibrators with more secure, magnetic attachments like the We-Vibe Moxie or CalExotics Petite Pleaser). A slightly raised nub serves as a perfect resting spot to nestle up next to your clitoris for direct vibration. It also comes with a remote that can be used up to 15 meters (aka over 49 feet), which makes fiddle-free control easy for you or a teasing partner.

              15. Umania Bullet Vibe

                  Another $13 bullet, this time with 4.4 star reviews over 3,493 customers! This one comes in either black or a metallic chrome silver, and is also made of body-safe ABS plastic. It lacks the precision angled tip of the previous bullet on this list, but it’s also a bit smaller (the lipstick vibe is 3.4 inches, this baby is 2.8 inches, and both are the same width at .7 inches) and easier to stash.

                  16. Rechargeable Personal Wand Vibrator

                  Is there anything more comforting and familiar than when a clitoral wand vibe is marketed with vague claims nodding to releasing tension in your neck and shoulders? While this affordable $20 rechargeable wand vibrator might also work wonders for legit pain, the standout reviews are all about using this wand as a sex toy. According to reviewer Jada, this toy had her biting her lip and curling her toes. All for $20? Worth it.

                  17. Bendable Vibrator

                  Ultra Soft Bendable Vibrator



                  For a vibrator that can work either for external clit stimulation or internal play, this ultra-soft bendable vibrator can do both. It has plenty of patterns to toggle through, has a 60-day money back guarantee, is rechargeable and waterproof, and comes with a sleek, plain white traveling case. Reviewers love how quiet it is and the discreet shipping (lots of reviewers said they were typically very shy about sex toy purchases and were not let down by the discreetness of this packaging) and rave about how easy it is to use.

                  18. Clitoral Couples Vibrator

                  Couples Vibrator



                  Another waterproof and rechargeable toy (this one even boasts that it can be charged using your car—which sure, but can’t that be said of all USB charging toys with the right adapter?) this vibrator comes with a remote for the easiest controls ever. No more fiddling with buttons underneath the sheets. Reviewers say it’s a great toy that also stays in place better than expected and love the nice price point.

                  19. Sucking Vibrator and Nipple Stimulator

                  Clitoral Sucking Dildo Vibrator and Nipple Stimulator

                  Tracy’s Dog


                  This toy brought tons of first-time reviewers out of the woodwork: “I never write reviews, BUT…” is a common refrain. People really, really love its strong clitoral stimulation, comparing the power to plug-in models, but much easier to use.

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                  20. Phanxy Two-in-One Vibrator

                  Clitoral G Spot Sucking Waterproof Stimulating Vibrator

                  With both a dildo and a stimulator for either the nipple or the clit, people love that this toy is versatile…and, importantly, powerful. One reviewer writes: “Last night, I had the best most intense orgasm of my life. It was a slow-building, powerful, prolonged orgasm. Those are literally worth all the money in the world.”

                  21. Rechargeable Wireless Remote Bullet Vibe

                  Sexy Slave Waterproof 10X Rechargeable Wireless Remote Bullet Vibrator

                  SEXY SLAVE


                  At a very reasonable price for a remote option (which can get $$), reviewers love that this toy is both powerful and easy to clean. Reviewers also advise that the most intense vibrations come from the top of the toy, so say to position it accordingly.

                  22. Shibari Mini Halo Multi-Speed Wand

                  Shibari Mini Halo,



                  The Shibari Mini Halo is a winner in everyone’s eyes. It is USB-rechargeable, has strong pulsations, and is completely water resistant. As one five-star reviewer put it, it not only does the job with speed and power, but it also “doesn’t ask for a sandwich after.”

                  23. Utimi Silicone Vibrator

                  UTIMI Vibrating G Spot Upgraded Rabbit Vibrator

                  This pink silicone vibrator is made of medical-grade ABS and silicone for a smooth experience. There’s an insertable part as well as an external clitoris vibrator. Just make sure to stock up on AA batteries as it doesn’t include them in the packaging. One five-star reviewer says: “For a long time, I thought that I just couldn’t have an orgasm. Nothing, and no one, worked. This not only gave me my first orgasm but even made me squirt! The double stimulation is perfect; perfect sizing (not too big not too small) and the different speeds are awesome.”

                  24. PALOQUETH Rabbit Vibrator

                  G Spot Rabbit Vibrator with Bunny Ears



                  This is a classic for a reason. Literally thousands of reviewers rave about its ability to hit all the right spots. Many reviewers also mentioned that it was their first vibrator ever and that they found it easy to use and incredibly satisfying.

                  25. Silicone Vibrating Penis Ring

                  IMO Full Silicone Waterproof Vibrating Cock Ring

                  This waterproof silicone penis ring has an ergonomic design meant to stimulate your clitoris during penetrative sex but can also be used on its own. One reviewer mentioned that the toy is quiet enough to have in the house with two kids and left the reviewer and her husband “shaky and blissful.”

                  26. Teardrop Bullet

                  CalExoticsSlim Teardrop Bullet, Purple



                  This small teardrop bullet uses two AAA batteries and has a dial on the side to control the strength of the vibration. Reviewers who have given this toy a four- or five-star rating cite that it’s very strong for the price. At $6, you can’t really go wrong giving it a shot as a backup!

                  27. Echo Rechargeable Mini Vibrator

                  SVAKOM Echo Rechargeable Tongue-Shaped Vibrator

                  This tongue-shaped vibrator is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand. It boasts a silent motor and is rechargeable for up to one hour of continuous use. People who’ve bought this toy have called it “small and mighty” and love it for partner play or alone.

                  28. Rechargeable Vibrating Egg

                  Odeco USB Rechargeable Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Bullet Egg

                  This wireless bullet boasts up to two hours of use and has a funky-looking circular ring that also acts as a remote control. Reviewers call out the amazing value for the price as a big selling point. Plus, they love that it comes in a fun lil gift box!

                  29. Satisfyer Pro 2 Stimulator

                  Satisfyer Pro 2 Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator

                  This clit stimulator has thousands of positive reviews, many along the lines of, “I never write reviews, BUT…” because people love it so much. A few key features are that it is waterproof and quiet and has 11 different speeds. It’s specifically designed to stimulate oral sex. As one reviewer writes, “Every woman should have one.”

                  30. Finger Massager

                  This rechargeable and waterproof finger vibrator slips between your fingers for an ergonomic experience that’s both effortless and effective. Reviewers love that it gives them powerful vibes and precise control.

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