Whole Lotta Color: Bia Breaks Down Her Ethnicity To Fans Assuming She’s ‘White’

Source: Arun Nevader / Getty

29-year-old Rapper Bia set the record straight about her ethnic roots, nationality, and how she identifies culturally after some fans incorrectly called her out as “white.” The chatter initially started on Twitter when a fan tweeted “Bia is not black” a day after the “Whole Lotta Money” rapper went live with Nicki Minaj and some people learned she was Spanish speaking for the first time.

In the thread filled with responses to the tweet assuming Bia wasn’t Black, someone reshared an old photo of the star seemingly without makeup and her hair down adding, “this is totally a white woman!!” Were they reaching? Bia says yes.

According to her bio, Bia is originally from Boston Massachusetts, and of Afro Puertirican and Italian descent. The rapper and songwriter made it clear that while she identifies those things as her nationality, she is certainly Black, hence the “afro” Latina part. Responding directly to the fans, Bia wrote:

Very aware of my roots guys my grandparents were born in PR and migrated to NY. Puerto Rican’s come in many different colors and race is different from ethnicity OF COURSE we have tiano, African, and Latin blood. Very proud to be Afrolatina and Italian.

What do YOU think about Bia’s explanation?

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