Council Post: Successful Crowdfunding Campaign? Here’s What You Should Do Next

By Evan Varsamis, an entrepreneur and Founder/CEO at Gadget Flow, as well as an investor and marketing advisor at Qrator Ltd.

Once a crowdfunding campaign becomes successful, it can be even more challenging for campaign creators to stay in the news. The next step is to fulfill existing preorders and make sure you deliver your products to the first backers on time. However, while on-time fulfillment is crucial for every campaign, it’s also important to plan your future sales loop ahead of time.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, we’ve found great success with using Indiegogo InDemand for an even greater boost. To my knowledge, Indiegogo InDemand is the only option like it on the market at the moment. Our company has optimized this tool for many clients so far, and it always seems to be worth a try. It might not seem important in the beginning, but once you use InDemand, you’ll realize how beneficial it can be for every successful campaign out there.

If you choose to use this tool for your crowdfunding campaign, here’s how you can maximize its impact, based on our experience.

Keep Being In The News

Once your crowdfunding campaign is over, your popularity on the web reduces instantly. You’ll notice an instant drop in traffic on both social media and the campaign page. This can be avoided if you switch to Indiegogo InDemand straight away. The Indiegogo page setup will help you keep running the campaign, thereby getting more traffic along the way. This will not just help you keep up with more orders but also help you stay in the news. Always make sure your existing campaign page has a direct link to the Indiegogo InDemand page so that any traffic that comes to your page is easily redirected to Indiegogo.

Get More Orders

With Indiegogo InDemand, you can keep getting more preorders in spite of your original campaign being over. All you have to do is make sure you set proper expectations and an accurate time line for delivery of the InDemand orders. You have to prioritize the delivery of your initial campaign before you start focusing on the InDemand orders. So set your time lines accordingly. You can mention the time lines clearly on your Indiegogo InDemand page and set expectations right.

Plan Your Sales Loop Ahead Of Time

By using Indiegogo InDemand, you’ll set up a sales funnel ahead of time. Most campaigns eventually switch to a website from which they start selling their product. Indiegogo InDemand acts as a bridge and helps this transition happen as smoothly as possible. You’ll get to identify new backers who were probably skeptical about backing your campaign before it became successful. And you will be able to fulfill their orders before setting up a website. 

Increase Your Credibility

Most importantly, Indiegogo InDemand will add to your campaign credibility and make your brand more trustworthy in the long run. People will understand that you are here to run a business and crowdfunding happened to be a stepping stone to building your brand. As a result, they will start trusting your brand and might place more orders in the InDemand phase than they did before. You can start your InDemand page by mentioning the fact that your campaign is already successful and explaining why you decided to switch to InDemand. Additionally, you can also add exciting new pledges and campaign updates regarding the manufacturing time line to keep your existing and new backers well updated in advance.

Expand Your Pledge Rewards

Finally, with Indiegogo InDemand, you’ll be able to expand on your pledge rewards and probably add a few extra options if available. For example, you could add more colors, specs and add-ons, making the pledges even more lucrative for new backers. In fact, this might just help you get more orders from existing backers who are interested in these new features of your product.

Pursue Other Follow-Up Options After Your Campaign

Outside of Indiegogo InDemand, business owners can also send out updates on the progress of product development to supporters and investors via a newsletter. Along with this, you can also drum up excitement by sharing news with local and national outlets and using social media to give a behind-the-scenes look at your process.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Indiegogo InDemand has been extremely successful as a program to help crowdfunding campaigns boost their success once their campaigns are over. If you are here to build a brand out of your campaign, this is one program that can truly help you scale it to new heights.

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