Google Assistant will sing you a song about getting vaccinated

Many of us are excited that COVID-19 vaccines are now widely available in the US, and it seems like Google Assistant is joining in. In fact, it’s got a song to share about it (via Android Police).

You can listen to the song yourself by asking Google Assistant to “sing the vaccine song,” but I’ve also recorded it. Take a listen.

Okay, hmm… where to start? I’ll give the music some props. It’s got a fun beat with a kind of crispy-sounding snare. I’d also call the synths “tastefully restrained.” Assistant will also, I discovered, sing the song in either a male- or female-sounding voice, depending on your settings. The range!

Unfortunately, the lyrics aren’t great. If you’re not able to listen, here’s a sample:

To be fair, the subject matter doesn’t lend itself well to song.

Yeah, the presentation isn’t really helped by the emoji that punctuate each line. I can fully support the message: my hat’s off to the people who worked hard on developing the vaccines, and we should all get it so we can return back to normal. But I don’t think the best messenger is a digital assistant. I also doubt it’ll be that convincing to people who are distrustful of the vaccine.

(Also, who’s pining for handshakes to come back?)

I’m feeling a strong four to a light five on this one.

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