How Will Your Role in Organization Change Once You Pass CompTIA Security+ Exams?

Possessing the CompTIA Security+ gives you the opportunity to become part of an exclusive group of specialists who are permanently looking to upgrade their skills. By gaining these credentials, you show your commitment towards improving your knowledge and staying updated with the current technology trends. Those badges will as well help you put your feet on the door of many international companies and show them that you are a valuable candidate. Once you get certified by CompTIA Security+, your role in the organization will change completely. Thus, we decided to dedicate an article to show you what those unique responsibilities are that a Security+ Practice Test Admin has. Keep reading the paragraphs below and discover how the CompTIA Security+ Certified Administrator certification and its advanced version can help you in your career.

What Does CompTIA Security+ Admin Do?

According to CompTIA Security+, the certification path for becoming an experienced CompTIA Security+ Admin includes pursuing five badges. However, the first ones are the most popular as they teach you the basic knowledge that any CompTIA Security+ Administrator should know. Thus, these credentials are the CompTIA Security+ Certified Administrator and Advanced Administrator. Understandably, you can opt to become an Advanced Admin, once you’ve acquired the CompTIA Security+ Certified Administrator badge. What is more, each of these accreditations requires a candidate to sit for one exam. Security+  is an assessment to pass to become a CompTIA Security+ Admin while CompTIA Security+ Practice Test will leverage your knowledge, advance your skills, and make a CompTIA Security+ Advanced Admin. Once you get CompTIA Security+ accredited, your role in the organization will also change. So, you should be prepared to have the following responsibilities:

– Stay updated with the latest information and keep the platform up to date.

– Help your colleagues implement CompTIA Security+ principles and develop different training sessions to teach them how to use it.

– Keep an eye on how the trends are evolving and update the platform with any features that help improve business processes.

Overall, you will act as a highly-skilled specialist who knows exactly how the CompTIA Security+ platform works and will share the information with stakeholders and relevant teammates.

What Are Comptia Security+ Test:

As you already know, passing test will earn you the CompTIA Security+ Certified Administrator certification. The main requirement that the vendor has for this exam is having at least six months of practical experience working with the CompTIA Security+ platform. When it comes to the structure of this assessment, you should be ready to answer 60 questions in 105 minutes. By the way, this badge needs to be renewed once per year by completing one maintenance module. Even though it might seem exhausting to do so, you should keep in mind that this credential helps you consolidate your position in the company. So, it’s worth all the effort. And if to speak about assessment, it will equip you with the advanced expertise to solve business issues and the successful completion of it will achieve you the CompTIA Security+ Certified Advanced Administrator badge. This exam will have also have 60 tasks to be solved in 105 minutes. However, to maintain such a credential you will have to complete certification modules three times a year otherwise your accreditation will expire.


Before you decide whether you should take the CompTIA Security+ exams coded and or not, you should keep in mind the idea that the job market is becoming highly competitive in this respect. So, these accreditations can help you improve the organization’s processes and become a key player in your company. Also, these badges will attract a higher salary and generous bonuses. So, you have nothing to lose if you decide to take the CompTIA Security+ Administrator tests.

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