Sweet gaming Cthulhu! Valve’s working on a handheld gaming PC

PC behemoth Valve may have something sweet in store for all us: a handheld gaming PC. Potentially nicknamed the “SteamPal,” reports suggest that this Nintendo Switch-style device could even drop by the end of the year.

This report comes from Ars Technia, which claims to have an array of different sources backing up this hardware’s existence.

So, what do we know about the “SteamPal?” Firstly, the name comes from a recent change in Steam‘s code:

Of course, “SteamPal” could just be a working title — there’s nothing to say this isn’t going to change before announcement. But for now? It’s good enough.

Besides that, Valve’s “SteamPal” is set to look a lot like a Nintendo Switch. It’ll have a touchscreen, dual-joysticks (non-removable), a touchpad, triggers, and… buttons. It’s more likely than not that the “SteamPal” will also run Linux.

We can also assume that it’s going to make great use of Steam’s bulging games library. I mean, it’d be bizarre if that wasn’t the case.

All this is hugely exciting, but the question remains about how likely it is that the “SteamPal” will ever see the light of day.

Well, a video captured earlier in the year shows Gabe Newell — Valve’s co-founder and president — teasing some sort of announcement about Steam games on a console. This, of course, is fuel on the “SteamPal” fire.

Are there any barriers to the “SteamPal” launching?

Technologically, the console is definitely possible. The Aya Neo has proven reasonably successful at delivering a PC experience in a handheld device. The Nintendo Switch has also shown that there is still a strong market for handheld gaming.